2019-10-10 Board Meeting

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Financial Report

Skipping this time.

V. Old Business


VI. New Business

Appoint President

This person is focused on advancing the vision/mission of the group and runs board meetings. Jacob moves to appoint George. Hobbies seconds. Motion passes unopposed.

Appoint Secretary

This person records minutes, updates the website, and schedules board meetings. George moves to appoint Hobbies. Jacob seconds. Motion passes unopposed.

Appoint Webmaster

This person takes an active interest in updating and maintaining the devict.org website. George moves to appoint Chris Lofland. Hobbie seconds. Motion passes unopposed.

Appoint Botmaster

This person manages our hubot @bot and our custom chat bot @herald. George moves to appoint Michael. Chris seconds. Motion passes unopposed.

Appoint GSuite Administrator

This person creates @devict.org email accounts and administers shared Google Drive resources. Possibly leverages more features of our GSuite account that we could/should be using. George moves to appoint Hobbie. Julia seconds. Motion passes unopposed.

Appoint Social Media Manager

This person preemptively schedules Tweets and Facebook posts using a tool like Buffer or similar. They also respond to messages to our Facebook page. Tonya will continue to be the social media manager.

VII. Comments/Announcements

-National Day of Civic Hacking happened. Attendance was up. We will start planning in Q1 next year for next year’s event. -Volunteer Training outline comments have been collected. Next steps are to schedule a work day to write the documents. -Dev Lunch will be replaced with the Seth’s talks event at the Advanced Learning Library for a trial period for the first couple months next year. -David Dennis, programming teacher at Northwest High School requested people to come talk at his class about tech opportunities in town. We’ll look for volunteers in slack. -Hacktoberfest is going well! Keep it up! -Seth wanted know opinions on devICT funds for VoteICT. Board is favorable to the idea but Seth will do some more research on specifics. -Hobbie reminded the board to get all new members of the board to relevant technologies. -Next Game Jam is scheduled: Jan31-Feb2 at WSU -DevICT will be represented at WSU Tech Fest. We need a flyer.Seth had posted a sample one in the Slack. -We need to update the website with the new board members. -Seth gave a brief overview of our previous communications with Flagship Kansas. -Began planning an event for vision settings/information gathering. George will take point on the event and Hobbie will take point on a feedback form.

VIII. Public Participation


IX. Set Meeting Dates

One will happen in January. Date to be announced.

X. Adjournment

Adjourned at 12:53