2019-06-06 Board Meeting

I. Call to Order

Called to order at 19:20.

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Financial Report

Casey to provide a status update for the internal accounts. - TODO Casey will check on the old account being done. Once it has been 2 months with no activity.we will shut it down.

V. Old Business

Help Wanted Repo

Status Updates for Events

VI. New Business

New Social Event


Jobs Board

National Day of Civic Hacking


Seth Etter is going to start running this.

Salary Data

Casey has been analyzing some salary data and working with a WSU student on this. He is intending to share his results soon.

Study Hall

Needs more hosts.

VII. Comments/Announcements

Julia mentioned that Women Who Code might be starting a new collobarative learning event soon.

VIII. Public Participation

No new items.

IX. Set Meeting Dates

X. Adjournment

Meeting ardjourned at 8:30.