About devICT

A community for Wichita developers

devICT is a community for software developers in Wichita, KS. We are a group of like-minded technologists gathering to help each other better ourselves as professionals and hobbyists alike. devICT welcomes front and back web devs, mobile devs, desktop devs, mainframe devs, game devs, designers, and all others.


The devICT community is lead by The devICT Institute, a non-profit organization. Our mission is to

Educate, Empower, and Connect software developers in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Decisions are made in accordance with our bylaws. Minutes of our meetings are kept on our meetings page.

Board of Directors

The devICT Institute is ran by this Board of Directors:

Image of Seth Etter
Seth Etter - President
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Image of Kevin Elledge
Kevin Elledge - Vice President
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Image of Jacob Hobbie
Jacob Hobbie - Treasurer
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Image of Jake Suellentrop
Jake Suellentrop - Secretary
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Image of Christen Lofland
Christen Lofland - Director
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Image of Michael Neth
Michael Neth - Director
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Image of Michael Dorian
Michael Dorian - Director
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In addition to the Board we are supported by volunteers who organize events and generally keep things running.

Image of Brian Buller
Brian Buller - Code and Coffee
Image of Jim Rice
Jim Rice - ICT Game Jam
Image of Brian Foster
Brian Foster - GameDev Potluck

Former Board Members

Image of Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker
Image of George Shaw
George Shaw
Image of Sandip Southekal
Sandip Southekal
Image of Richard Sharp
Richard Sharp
Image of Julia Winegeart
Julia Winegeart
Image of Casey Woolfolk
Casey Woolfolk
Image of Tonya Riepe
Tonya Riepe